Mail Prep

Page 1 Printers uses AccuZip software to CASS certify, sort and maximize postal savings for our clients. The following are a few simple guidelines to ensure the smooth download and preparation of a mail list.

Source File Transmission:

Send the source file to your customer service representative.

Source File Types:

We accept customer mailing list files or we offer specialized procurement for residential or business lists. We support a variety of file types. The most commonly used file types are:

  • Delimited (usually with a comma)
  • MS Excel File

Source File Records:

All records in the source file MUST have the same number of fields to insure correct record importation. For example: If any record has a company name, then the file must contain a company field, even if the company field is left blank for other records. Refer to record #1 in table below.

Each field must contain proper information to insure each record is encoded for proper delivery. For example: An address entered into the company field would leave the address field blank. Refer to record #2.

Apartment numbers, suite numbers, etc. should be entered into a separate field. Refer to record #3.

If a PO box is the delivery address then it should be entered into the Address 1 field. The Address 2 field should be left blank. Refer to record #4.

Sample Mail File

Common Address Field Errors:

These are not US Postal delivery addresses and will not be encoded for proper delivery.

  • Intersections: Rte 111 & Rte 25, Corner of Main & Spring, etc
  • Building names: Main Library, Wexford Building, etc.
  • College campus address or box number: Campus Box 14, Science Building, Smith College, Room 118, etc.

The following US Postal Service link can be used to validate addresses:

Review your mailing list file before submitting to help ensure delivery of your publication.

Please contact your customer service representative if you have any questions.